Dvorak Technical Research, Inc.
Investment Research and Management for Above-Market Returns

Dvorak Technical Research, Inc., provides institutional clients with vital disciplines that create outstanding investment results, including:

·        Accurate market timing to reduce risk and enhance performance

·        Technical chart analysis to identify the greatest opportunities for your clients

·        In-depth analysis to identify the best buy and sell points to enhance returns

·        Research and evaluate companies with the greatest potential and most capable management teams


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Christopher Dvorak
Dvorak Technical Research


“Chris is very adept at identifying opportunities in the market.  His balanced skill set enables him to provide a unique perspective combined with his depth of technical skills, which results in an unusually high rate of success.  He is an outstanding investment analyst and we value his expertise, which is why we are excited to be working with him in his new capacity.” 
Richard W. Perkins (“Perk”), President and Chief Executive Officer of Perkins Capital Management, an equity investment firm in Wayzata, Minnesota  

 “I have known Chris since 1990.  I can personally vouch for his track record and talented expertise in technical analysis. He specializes in small caps, but has correctly called numerous mid and large caps as well. Chris is also one of the best market chartists I know. He nailed the last Nasdaq downside objective many months in advance.”
John Healey, Principal and Vice Chairman of Minneapolis-based Crown Bank

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